Alaska Means Cold Cash for Drivers


Where are the highest paying truck driving jobs in the United States? You’ve got to look north. Way north.


Alaska has the highest annual mean wage of any state in the country – $57,630 – for the latest statistics available from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.


The next four highest-paying locales are Washington, D.C. ($52,760); North Dakota ($52,080); Nevada ($50,920) and New York ($50,460). North Dakota has the third highest concentration of jobs and location quotients in the country behind Arkansas and Nebraska.


Alaskan cities Fairbanks ($58,850) and Anchorage ($57,200) rank first and third, respectively, among top paying metropolitan areas in the industry. The West North Dakota non-metropolitan area, which has 41.2 employees per 1,000 jobs and carries an average mean wage of $56,310, has the highest concentration of jobs in the sector.