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 Human drivers remain a key component in long-term plans.


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Innovation is becoming more and more evident in every industry around the globe.  Two start-ups (TruSimple and Starsky Robotics) are working hard to incorporate automated trucks have completed necessary due diligence on all of the testing and are now needing to incorporate the human aspect in these trucks to ensure the end result remains successful.  

"The U.S. departments of Transportation, Labor, Commerce and Health and Human Services are coordinating a study of the impact of automated technology on the U.S. work force. Results from the first phase of the study are expected to be released this summer."

Even though these companies are both in need of human drivers, it would appear that the opportunities for these particular drivers would lead to more of scientific role down the road.  The big question, " Will this automated trucking assist in the continual driver shortage?" 

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