Alabama moves in the RIGHT direction!

Parked Trucks Under Clouds


    Recently, Governor Ivey signed a bill that would allow individuals to move into the Trucking industry starting at the age of 19. Many have reservations about this decision, however, with the right kind of training and time put in to insure these new truck drivers are well equipped with knowledge and skill, this change could have a HUGE impact in the trucking industry and driver shortage. 

    When discussing Workforce Development, we have seen where individuals with skills in a trade are highly needed.  There has been a shift in the past few years, where the college path has been seen differently from the highschool graduate perspective and now are moving towards acquiring skills in a particular trade and then certifications.  The Trucking industry is no different.  For the longest, insurance companies were the noose when it came to the age requirement and soon that will all change.  2020 will hopefully see a RISE in truck drivers and this change help fill the void in a major component of our economy. 


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